Have some coffee before you read on. Would you like that?

Name James Newton
Age 18
Gender Male
Height About 5'6
Appearance Bright white skin, long black hair
Lives in United Kingdom, East of England
Occupation Nothing!
Hobby Playing Runescape 3...
  • C - GCSE English
  • A - GCSE ICT
  • P/M - BTEC ICT
Relationship Status Very taken!!
  • Kind people
  • Showing off my work
  • Video games, particularly as a story telling medium
  • Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, ETC
  • Small insects and bugs and creepy stuff like that
  • Putting in effort for anything I don't care about (Its harddd)

Also, heres every image in my pictures folder that starts with "me".

So you have an idea of what I look like...

A-ah. That's a drawing of me and my boyfriend, drawn by @digitaltart. How did that in get there?

Oh well, it can't be helped. Why don't you visit their neocities site?

they cute