Wisdom of Parluthia

One of the first games I attempted to make, this was intended to be a recreation of a Minecraft adventure map I had abandoned in the
past. Putting it in RPG Maker gave me the freedom to include my own classes with various abilities (not implemented), terrifying enemies (not
implemented) and an immersive story (not implemented).

Soviet's Quest 2

This was a sequel to the first "game" I ever made with RPG Maker, Soviet's Quest. I may have been a little too ambitious with this one,
having the player find the "Seven objects of great importance", which means 7 different chapters and in each you would temporarily get a
member of the old gaming group "Loch Lapras" as a secondary party member. Only 4 of them are in the game, that being Soviet, Me, TheMagicaos1 and
some guy called Bob who really liked moustaches.

With all the unfulfilled ambition and all the irritating "cliche" jokes, its safe to say this game was doomed to fail.

The Diamond

This one can probably be explained easiest as "I played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and I have no talent."

Well actually, while the PMD influence is painfully obvious, this was supposed to be an RPG version of yet another abandoned minecraft related project,
this time an animation. I wanted to really flesh out the vague story I had already made in the program Mineimator but instead of doing that I made this trash.
(You can probably find the Minecraft animation stuff somewhere else in the abandoned trash section.)

Gordon Freeman's Fish

At this point we're getting to the abandoned games that I could actually say I'm proud of. This game is based on a youtube video of the same name.
I thought it would be funny to stretch out the entire premise of the video into a game, starting with a One Small Favour Quest and ending with Gordon finding
all four elemental something or others to summon the wish making fairy.

Unnamed Indirect Sequel Divine Intervention

I intended for this to be a continuation of my world building project, which Divine Intervention was the start of. Unfortunately once again my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I just couldn't
fulfill the ambition I had for this project, wanting to involve both time travel and spell crafting mechanics over a story that spanned over a large area of the world with different chapters . What I do have
I am actually fairly proud of, with only the writing I'd like to improve.

Divine Intervention DX

It's no secret that I'm generally not proud of Divine Intervention, my only released proof of Parluthia's existence. There was a lot that I wanted to retcon, for instance the character "Shonagh" would
become Adora, my main character, and a lot of awful scenes would be removed and replaced with something that made a bit more sense.
Unfortunately, I have yet to record a video of what I had tried, but at least know that I'm also not proud of this either. Also it would take like 2 hours to record.

Egbert No Bacon

This was an attempt at creating a surreal game, using the egg assets from a game I had created previously (it was a meme game...). I think it worked for the most part, although
once again the writing was found wanting a bit. Most of it is lol random humor, but the haunted house section I found eerily well made. So, pats on the back for that.

The Crescent

More of a test game than anything else, I decided to try out RPG Maker FES on the 3DS and be one of the first (english) games to be released. Unfortunately I encountered a
number of problems that made creating games much more a chore than just making them on PC, the most notable the awfully obnoxious map creator. You would have thought the first
thing they implemented in their user-friendly game creator was an autotile function.